Accessibility Resources

For education-related accessibility issues, please reach out to OSAS. For institutional-related accessibility issues, please reach out to the ADA office or report a concern. We highly recommend connecting with the Student Assembly for Accessibility, which is an RSO seeking to empower and represent students with a range of disabilities. The Student Assembly for Accessibility has […]

GSG Senate

The Senate establishes policies for GSG and serves as a forum for graduate and professional student concerns through activities that include, but are not limited to: Convening monthly meetings of the full chamber during complete academic months Electing and/or confirming the GSG Executive Board Approving the GSG budget Developing resolutions that address graduate and professional […]

Advertising through GSG

Publicity Guidelines Collapse Only events or opportunities open to USC graduate students are able to be advertised through GSG platforms. Guidelines for Groups and Organizations requesting advertisement through GSG: Email GSG Directors of Communications using the following format – Subject line: [Date of Event: mm/dd/yy]-[Name of Event]-GSG Newsletter Advertisement “Example: 08/25/21 – March for Equality […]

Publicity and Branding

Publicity Guidelines for Student Organizations Funded by GSG Student Organizations receiving funding through GSG must: Submit all forms necessary outlined in the Finance Resources Page Download the GSG Logo Abide by the GSG Branding Guidelines Submit event flyer using the Student Organization Event Publicity Information Form link provided below These events are advertised on the Upcoming […]

Upcoming Events

UPC Events Upcoming UPC Events Newsletter HSC Events Upcoming HSC Events Newsletter

Upcoming Events

Find your umbrella organization

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Communications, News and Events

Communications Find GSG’s newsletters and resolutions in the dropdown. Newsletters Resolutions Events Interested in participating in events at USC ? Say No More ! Click below to find out all events happening at USC Discover More News Stay up to date with latest USC News! Discover More

DACA Resources

GSG Emergency fund will provide support for students who have benefited from the Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program to pay the required fees to renew their DACA status. To apply for the Emergency Fund, please click HERE How to Protect Yourself and Your Family as DACA Ends DACA Recipients’ Rights (English) DACA Recipients’ Rights […]


Student Resources Find Resources like Free Goods and Services, Food Resources, and Transport Resources Diversity and Inclusion Resources USC is committed to the highest standards of academic excellence and becoming a national leader in providing access and opportunity to higher education. Learn more about our progress DACA Resources Find resources related to Deferred Action for […]