Student Life

  • Leadership team:
    • Monique S. Allard, Vice President for Student Life -
    •  Emily T. Sandoval, Associate Vice Provost for Student Life, Student Development and Engagement -
    • Christine Street, Associate Vice Provost for Student Life, Institutional Accessibility and ADA Compliance -
    • Daren R. Mooko, Assistant Vice Provost for Student Life, Community Expectations -
    • Naddia Palacios, Assistant Vice Provost for Student Life, Student Equity and Inclusion -
    • Tony Tambascia, Assistant Vice Provost for Student Life, Student Engagement Operations -
    • Jean Bednarz, Chief of Staff to the Vice President -
  • Historical relationship with GSG:
    • Student Life is GSG’s main point of contact regarding all things graduate students; they have a great understanding of USC resources and will advise on how to elevate further and/or solve problems
    • GSG senior leadership meets regularly with Student Life Leadership to provide and receive campus-wide updates
    • See the following sections for information on each sub-teams responsibilities

Student Development & Engagement

Campus Activities 

  • “Campus Activities’ mission is to build community and foster leadership development through co-curricular opportunities that enhance the Trojan experience."
  • Specific contacts 
  • Historical relationship with GSG:
    • CA is the home of GSG and USG; CA staff provides support and guidance in our day-to-day activities, especially as it pertains to finances
    • CA also manages all RSOs, and any student questions about RSOs should be routed to CA
    • The GSG office space is SKS 404 is inside the CA space; for questions or to make a space reservation, contact Norma

Residential Education

  • “The Office for Residential Education fosters the holistic development of members within the USC residential community. We are committed to providing purposefully inclusive communities that create opportunities for personal and academic success in collaboration with members of the Trojan Family."
  • Specific contact: Grant Burlew, Senior Director -
  • Historical relationship with GSG:
    • There is graduate student housing at and around both UPC and HSC, and students will come to GSG with both questions and concerns surrounding student housing; GSG will help facilitate and mediate resolutions

Recreational Sports

  • “The mission of USC Recreational Sports is to provide the university community the opportunity to pursue a balanced, healthy lifestyle through participation in recreational activities."
  • Specific Contacts:
  • Historical relationship with GSG:
    • GSG provides direct funding to rec sports each year
    • Directors work with rec sports to plan events
    • The communications team promotes rec sports events

Student Equity and Inclusion Programs

  • “USC Student Equity and Inclusion Programs (SEIP) is a cluster of student development centers and initiatives within Student Life that offer student support services and programs that focus on intersectionality, sense of belonging, and well-being."
  • Specific Contacts:
    • Naddia Palacios, Assistant Vice Provost for Student Affairs, Student Equity and Inclusion -
    • Peter Limthongviratn, Director, SEIP Leadership & Education -
    •  Megan van der Toorn, Director, SEIP Intercultural Services -
    • Greedley Harris III, Director, SEIP Strategic Partnerships -
    • Alejandra Delacruz Hong, Director, SEIP Trojan Success Initiatives (TSI)
  • Historical Relationship with GSG:
    • SEIP provides guidance and advice to GSG on any matters regarding equity and inclusion
    • The advocacy branch meets semesterly with SEIP to give and receive updates on equity and inclusion issues as well as plan for the upcoming semester
    • GSG regularly partners with all of the below centers on events and regularly provides funding for large-scale events planned by SEIP or its subsidiaries
    • SEIP staff sit on and/or head university committees and task forces that GSG board members sit on
    • Students regularly come to GSG seeking resources and community offered by spaces within SEIP; GSG helps to connect students and also provides support

Asian Pacific American Student Services (APASS)

  • APASS has a two-fold mission: to facilitate Asian Pacific American participation, dialogue, community-building, and empowerment while at the same time serving as a source of cross-cultural educational programming for the entire campus.
  • Location: Student Union (STU) 410
  • Specific Contact: Alice Loc, APASS Center Supervisor -

Center for Black Cultural & Student Affairs (CBCSA)

  • "The Center for Black Cultural and Student Affairs (CBCSA) provides intentional, holistic, scholarly, and co-curricular programming to strengthen understanding of Black diasporic heritage. We enhance the USC community's academic, cultural, leadership, and social development."
  • Location: Student Union (STU) 100
  • Specific Contact: Damarea Parker, CBCSA Center Supervisor -

First Generation Plus Success Center (FG+SC)

  • “The First Generation Plus Success Center at USC (FG+SC) serves as a resource hub for current first-generation, undocumented, transfer, and former foster youth students as they navigate campus. Our mission is to foster a sense of belonging and a culture of holistic well-being through intentional mentorship, supportive services, and leadership opportunities."
  • Location: Tutor Campus Center (TCC) 224
  • Specific Contact: Mahagoney Borrayo-Gilchriest, FG+SC Center Supervisor -

Latinx/Chicanx Center for Advocacy & Student Affairs (La CASA)

  • “La CASA provides empowerment through cultural identity, leadership, and social consciousness development, as well as community building for undergraduate and graduate students at USC. La CASA strives to educate the campus about Latinx issues and the ethnic diversity represented within the community (i.e., Central & South America, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Puerto Rico) by offering programs and services focusing on intersectionality."
  • Location: Student Union (STU) 400
  • Specific Contact: Leticia Delgado, La CASA Center Supervisor -

LGBTQ+ Success Center

  • "The LGBTQ+ Student Center is a cultural advocacy center that provides support, education, advocacy, and community for undergrad & grad students at USC. The LGBTQ+SC welcomes students from across the gender and sexual identity spectra and is dedicated to providing support & programming for all the intersectionality of identities within the university’s diverse community."
  • Location: Student Union (STU) 415
  • Specific Contacts:

Student Basic Needs

  • "The Student Basic Needs department fosters a culture of holistic well-being by helping to eliminate life barriers, such as food, housing, and economic injustice, that may jeopardize student academic and personal success."
  • Location: Trojan Food Pantry - Tutor Campus Center (TCC) 425A
  • Specific Contact: Devon Hernandez, TSI Sr. Coordinator, Student Basic Needs -

Veterans Resource Center

  • “The VRC enhances the individual and academic success of veterans, service members, and their families. The Veterans Resource Center is committed to supporting the veteran community in higher education, academic success, graduation, career development, and wellbeing."
  • Location: Tutor Campus Center (TCC) 330
  • Specific Contact: Janine Williams, Veterans Resource Center Supervisor -