Food Resources

Learn about the Trojan Food Pantry, Good Karma Cafe and more HERE

Watch the Food Security Video from GSG Resource Fair HERE


Housing Resources

Find out more about Trojan Shelter, Habitat for Humanity and other resources HERE

Watch a video on housing resources HERE


Resources for Tenants


Career Resources

Watch a video on Career resources here


Financial Resources

Know more about USC Student Basic Needs, TANF, and other resources HERE

Watch a video from GSG Online resource fair HERE


Mental Health and Insurance Resources

Watch a video from GSG Online Resource Fair HERE

A teacher and children with a mask on their face at school in the classroom after covid19 quarantine and lockdown. Head to head.

Childcare Resources

Your guide to navigating childcare resources like Bright Horizons, WiSE Childcare grants and, Pathways LA. Know more HERE

domestic violence

Domestic Violence & Sexual Harassment Resources

Find resources for anyone who has or is experiencing domestic violence, or any form of sexual harassment or assault including gender or gender identity-based harms HERE


Misconduct and Reporting

These resources are available year-round for all students and are still operating during the COVID-19 Crisis. Know more HERE