Campus Support and Intervention and Trojans Care 4 Trojans (TC4T)

  • “Campus Support & Intervention (CSI) is an office within Campus Wellbeing and Crisis Intervention. We are a team of professionals here to assist current students, faculty, and staff in navigating complex issues.”
  •  Phone Number: 213-740-0411
  •  Historical relationship with GSG:
    • GSG members will connect students needing resources to CSI; students may want a GSG member to make the initial contact, either via email or phone or by walking with a student to the office
    • CSI shares updates and additional resource information with GSG on a semesterly basis
    • Members of CSI sit on the same committees that board members do

Career Center

  • “Whether deciding on a major, exploring career options, seeking a job or internship, or looking for professional networks, the USC Career Center is committed to helping you achieve your professional goals.”
  •  Phone Number: 213-740-0411
  •  Historical relationship with GSG:
    • GSG members will connect students looking for resources to the career center
    • GSG and the Career Center plan events together focused on the grad student community, including mock interviews, industry panels, and more

Chief Inclusion & Diversity Officer (CIDO) Office 

  • “Fostering a community of diverse viewpoints to build a generation of innovators, leaders, visionaries, and creators is one of USC’s highest priorities.”
  •  Historical relationship with GSG:
    • Meets regularly with GSG senior leadership and members of the advocacy branch to answer questions and provide updates
    • The CIDO office runs the major DEIB committees at the university of which GSG is a part of all of them
    • Members of this office sit on the same committees that board members do
    • Partner on major, university-wide events

Department of Public Safety 

  • “DPS is ready to serve the needs of our university community 24 hours a day, seven days a week, on both the University Park and Health Sciences Campuses. We strive to provide a welcoming, accessible, safe, and secure educational environment."
  • Phone Numbers:
    • Emergency - UPC: 213-740-4321; HSC: 323-442-100
    • Non-emergency - UPC: 213-740-6000; HSC: 323-442-1200
  • Specific Contact: Lauretta Hill, Assistant Vice President, Chief of Public Safety -
  • Historical relationship with GSG:
    • GSG board members sit on the Community Advisory Board (CAB), which provides recommendations to DPS on campus safety and policing
    • DPS leadership meets regularly with GSG board members to discuss issues of campus safety

Human Resources

  • “University Human Resources (HR) provides the services and the support that allows our faculty and staff to grow and constantly break new ground. From ensuring access to benefits, retirement plans, and wellness resources, to offering training, development, and career advancement support, we keep USC’s mission at the center of all that we do."
  • Historical relationship with GSG:
    • GSG board members sit on many committees that HR staff also sit on, such as the Policy and Community Advisory Committee
    • Work together to edit existing or create new policies to serve graduate students better

Office of Religious & Spiritual Life

  • “The mission of the University of Southern California’s Office of Religious & Spiritual Life (ORSL) is to foster a vibrant university community that encourages the pursuit of meaning through spiritual reflection and free inquiry, provides fair opportunities to participate in religious life, advances mutual understanding and respect among differing traditions – and in all these ways, strengthens us to actively engage in building a just and peaceful world."
  • Historical relationship with GSG:
    • Staff from ORSL has often participated in GSG retreats, facilitating training and activities
    • GSG provided funding for an update to ORSL spaces in 2023
    • ORSL plans and hosts any campus vigils or ceremonies of remembrance

Office Student Accessibility Services (OSAS)

  • “Office of Student Accessibility Services (OSAS) is the unit at USC responsible for ensuring equal access for students with disabilities in compliance with state and federal law. OSAS serves undergraduate, graduate, and professional students; on-ground and online students; and students in all credit-granting courses and programs of study."
  • Historical relationship with GSG:
    • OSAS staff sits on relevant university committees that GSG board members also sit on
    • Graduate Students experiencing difficulties accessing OSAS will often contact
    • GSG board members asking for assistance; GSG will provide support to these students by liaising with OSAS and attending meetings when asked

Office of Sustainability

  • “At USC, sustainability is a shared responsibility that touches all facets of our community. Since 2008, the university has focused on integrating sustainability as a core value in USC’s strategic planning and implementing impactful sustainability initiatives."
  • Historical relationship with GSG:
    • Collaborate on events and initiatives for graduate students and the community
    • The Office of Sustainability runs the Presidential Working Group on Sustainability, which the GSG Director of Sustainability sits on.
    • Other sustainability-oriented groups on campus: Student Sustainability Group (SSG, managed by the OOS), and Environmental Student Assembly (ESA)

Office of General Counsel

  • “Our mission is to assist USC (through its various schools and departments) with legal issues and transactions, to educate USC’s administrators and faculty about the laws applicable to USC’s operations, to defend the university against litigation, and to provide advice to assist university administrators and faculty in pursuing their objectives and goals, with an overall objective of protecting USC from liability."
  • Historical relationship with GSG:
    • Answers questions about the legality of policies and procedures at USC
    • Members of General Counsel sit on the same committees as GSG board members

Office of the President

  • Historical relationship with GSG:
    • GSG senior leadership meets with President Folt on a semesterly basis to discuss major issues surrounding graduate students
    • Requests for student members of university committees, as well as requests for students to attend or participate in special events come directly from the President’s office

University Relations

  • “Throughout its storied history, USC has placed a high value on being a good neighbor—and on programs and projects that positively impact surrounding neighborhoods. Over the decades, we have come together with residents, community partners, civic leaders, and area businesses in one of the most ambitious social outreach programs of any university in the nation."
  • Historical relationship with GSG:
    • GSG Directors of Community Service work with University Relations to plan events and increase community outreach
    • GSG Director of External Affairs meets regularly with University Relations to receive updates on local, state, and federal government relations and advocacy, as well as plan GSG government advocacy trips
    • University Relations usually presents an overview of their work at an executive board and/or senate meeting to facilitate relationships and partnerships.