What is GSG ?

The GSG mission is to enhance the University of Southern California graduate and professional student experience by serving as the face of the student body. To accomplish this, GSG is responsible for managing student resources efficiently, providing a voice for the student community, building a community that fosters interdisciplinary exchanges, and informing students about their rights, resources, and opportunities.Elected officers, senators who represent all schools and departments, and special interest committees tackle issues specific to graduate and professional students and provide venues for interaction beyond the academic realm. An Executive Board of 27 officers are selected every spring by the GSG senators and outgoing executive board members. The Executive Board oversees the daily operations of GSG and works closely with the Senate to promote graduate and professional student interests within the USC administration and academic departments.

GSG senators are elected by their peers in their particular academic department or school, and meet monthly to address issues and concerns of the graduate and professional student population. The Senate’s committees are made up of student volunteers and committee chairs elected within the committees. They provide GSG with special interest programming as well as the research and recommendations behind various advocacy initiatives.

Students participate in GSG and university committees, meet with administration and faculty to discuss issues of joint importance, and call upon the expertise of administration professionals who serve students. GSG continuously works closely with university officials in an effort to enhance graduate and professional student life. By establishing these close ties, GSG is better able to meet the needs of graduate and professional students


Who we are ?

Graduate Student Government (GSG) is a student led organization that represents the 27,500+ graduate and professional students at USC.

Katherine Goar (major: Art History) and Sidney Hopson (major: Music Performance, Percussion) in Alumni Park

What we do ?

GSG advocates for student needs, manages student resources, and fosters an interdisciplinary community through programmed events.


Mission Statement

To enhance the University of Southern California graduate and professional student experience by amplifying student voices and working with USC administrators and senior leadership

Executive Board 2020

Vice President of Administration

Melisa Osborne

Sam Garza

Sam Garza

Senior Vice President
Sana Khalid

Sana Khalid

Vice President, Programming
DSC_6045(2best) - Caitlin Mills

Caitlyn Mills

Vice President Administration
EEB_Headshot2018 - Esthelle Ewusi Boisvert

Esthelle Ewusi Boisvert

Vice President, Advocacy
CLu - Cindy Lu

Cindy Lu

Director of Communications
Small Use Seal_GoldOnCard

Angelique Singh

Director of Academic Affairs
Small Use Seal_GoldOnCard

Meseret Alemu

Director of Campus Affairs
Small Use Seal_GoldOnCard

Kiki Walker

Director of Community Service

Brooke Bell

HSC Director of Community Service
Small Use Seal_GoldOnCard

Bridgette Do

HSC Director of Social Programming
Brandon McFarlin

Brandon McFarlin

HSC Director of Communications
_TMP0100-Edit-2 - Quinn Anex-Ries

Quinn Anex-Ries

Director of Diversity & Equity – Advocacy
_AE_9523 - GSG Director of Diversity _ Equity - Programming

Maggie Turner

Director of Diversity & Equity – Programming
Cynthia Ramirez

Cynthia Ramirez

HSC Director of Diversity & Equity
Small Use Seal_GoldOnCard

David Angel

Director of External Affairs
Small Use Seal_GoldOnCard

Brendon Grabowski

Director of Finance – Approvals
Small Use Seal_GoldOnCard

Minhaal Memon

Director of Finance – Disbursements and Reconciling
IMG_6011 - Zipeng Zeng

Zipeng Zeng

Director of Finance – Education and Access
Christine Naya Headshot

Christine Naya

HSC Director of Finance
Libere_headshot - Libere Ndacayisaba

Libere Ndacayisaba

Director of Globalization and Inclusion
20200613_194231276_iOS - Katelyn Queen

KJ Queen

Director of Accessibility Affairs
headshot 2 - GSG Director of Operations(1)

Sydney Miller

Director of Operations
7CFF541D-8F2B-4979-968D-AAC867A261F8 - GSG Director of Elections and Recruitment

Cristian Torres

Director of Elections & Recruitment
IMG_0099 - Evan Davis

Evan Davis

Director of Sustainability
Neha_profesh - GSG Social Programming Director

Neha Ketkar

Director of Social Programming
C5663690-7083-4A50-A1D5-DFC28C99BC12 - Austin Nabors-Keating

Austin Nabors-Keating

Director of Grants