This is NOT the branding requirement page for organizations requesting GSG funds.
Student Organizations requesting funds should refer to the Publicity and Branding Guidelines for Funded Programs.

GSG Branding Guidelines

The following guidelines are to be used by members when designing flyers and advertisements put on by GSG. The correct and consistent use of these guidelines will help reinforce GSG’s brand identity.

The following are the criteria for all GSG Event Advertisements:

  1. All advertisements must display the GSG Banner
  2. All images within the flyer must be at least 300 dpi
  3. Flyers must be exported as a 300 dpi JPEG image
  4. A Facebook Event must be created through the GSG Facebook Page.
  5. Event publicity must adhere to Newsletter Guidelines in order to be included in the Weekly Newsletter.

Newsletter Guidelines for GSG Events

The following must be included in the email to the Directors of Communication:

  1. Attached JPEG Flyer following all GSG Events Branding Guidelines.
  2. The Facebook Event Link created through the GSG Facebook Page.
  3. 50 words or less description of the event on the body of the email
  • For University Park Campus email
  • For Health Science Campus email

Email Subject Line: [Date of Event: mm/dd/yy]-[Name of Event]- GSG NEWSLETTER ADVERTISEMENT
Example: 08/25/17 – March for Equality – GSG Newsletter Advertisement

Banner Placement for GSG Events

All GSG Events must use the banners in their advertisements. The banner must span across the whole page and have no other content on top of the banner. Opaque and Solid Banner options provided must be placed as shown below:

Downloadable GSG Banners

Opaque Cardinal Vertical – 8.5×11
Opaque Cardinal Horizontal – 8.5×11
Solid Cardinal Vertical – 8.5×11
Solid Cardinal Horizontal – 8.5×11

Opaque Cardinal Vertical – 11×17
Opaque Cardinal Horizontal – 11×17
Solid Cardinal Horizontal – 11×17
Solid Cardinal Vertical – 11×17

Rule of 3

Whenever possible, GSG flyers should strive to follow the rule of 3. Though it seems restrictive, adhering to these rules will improve the general aesthetic of your design:

3 Colors Per Design
No more than 3 color combinations per design. This count includes the background, the font, and other elements within the design. The use of the colors black and white also count towards this number. Exceptions to this rule are flyers using a photo as their main background. The colors displayed in the photo do not count towards this number.

3 Font Types Per Design
No more than 2 fonts and no more than 3 font variations used on the design. Example of font variations: Italic, Bold, Regular.

3 Font Sizes Per Design
No more than 3 font sizes should be used on a design. It is recommended to use the largest size for the header/title, one size for the body, and one size for the event details such as location, date, hour, etc.


Each of these fonts offers a wide range of weights, allowing for small and digital use without degradation and express the classic, academic and collegiate qualities of the USC brand. Correct and consistent use of these official typefaces helps reinforce GSG’s brand identity.

Other Helpful Resources

  • For USC typography, color, and shields please visit the USC Identity Guidelines page.
  • For designing flyers, we recommend CANVA for its user friendly interface.
  • For free, high quality stock photos consider using PEXELS .