University Recognition

All Student Organizations that wish to apply for GSG funding must complete the separate university recognition workshop through Campus Activities to become Recognized Student Organizations (RSO).

GSG Online Finance Orientation (2018-2019)

The Graduate Student Government (GSG) Finance Orientation for 2018-2019 is coming soon.

  • At least one member from each RSO must complete the Finance Orientation in order to be eligible for GSG funding.
  • Additionally, each individual who plans to submit a Budget Application on behalf of their RSO must complete the Finance Orientation.
  • Thus, multiple individuals from a given RSO may complete the Finance Orientation to apply for funding.

The GSG Finance Orientation consists of two parts:

1. Review the online GSG Finance Orientation Presentation
2. Complete the online GSG Finance Orientation Assessment

There is no longer an in-person finance orientation requirement. Please note that there is no ‘deadline’ for completing the GSG Finance Orientation; rather, the Orientation must be completed before individuals submit their first Budget Applications of the year.

The tentative launch date for the 2018-2019 Online Application Portal is August 1st.