12 Step Recovery

Alcoholics Anonymous is a twelve-step program that offers a process of recovery from alcoholism. USC provides a home to twelve-step groups in the University Religious Center. There are several AA and other twelve-step program meetings held each week, and they provide a solution to anyone who is curious, baffled, desperate, or hopeless regarding their drinking or substance abuse. The meetings are open to the public but provide an anonymous environment in which people can turn their lives around. Contact:

Addiction Center

Addiction Center – One hundred people die every day from drug overdoses alone. At Addiction Center, we provide information on addictions to alcohol, tobacco, illicit and prescription drugs. We also have connections with hundreds of treatment centers across the United States. Addiction Center is not a treatment center, but we connect addicts and their families with the help they need to put their lives back together.

AIDS Resources

AIDS Project Los Angeles – provides HIV/AIDS education the greater Los Angeles community and offer free services such as HIV Education forums, case managements services, work service programs, volunteer opportunities and much more.

(213) 740-4777

Alcohol Rehab Guide

According to statistics, 80 percent (or four out of every five college students) consume alcohol to some degree, and 50 percent of college drinkers engage in binge drinking, which has a set of complications all on its own.

Asian Pacific American Student Services (APASS)

STU 410
(213) 740-4999

Asian Pacific American Student Services (APASS) is a resource unit designed to assist you in your cultural and personal development and to increase the overall awareness of the Asian Pacific American community at USC and in society.

Best University Housing

Best University Housing is a free website you should use to conveniently find housing around USC and other universities. Not only can you browse through some listings on the website, you can also find a housing option that matches exactly what you are looking for by sending an email to and corresponding with a housing facilitator. The housing facilitator provides you with free housing help by telling you about, and discussing the pros and cons of different housing options that would interest you. This service is also free. In fact, often rates through Best University Housing are cheaper than regular rates since they refer several students as 1 group, getting them discounts on their individual leases.

Bias Assessment Report

All incidents of bias, hate crimes, and hate incidents are considered a serious breach of our community expectations (Principles of Community) and need to be reported allowing for appropriate investigation and response.

Brief Case and Diaper Bag

ACC 312
(213) 821-0800

Brief Case and Diaper Bag is an ongoing group for USC working moms and moms to be. Group discussions focus on the transition to motherhood with other new moms, as well as topics ranging from choosing a daycare to juggling home and office, nutrition, toddler behavior challenges and more. Brief Case and Diaper Bag meets every other Tuesday (but call first to confirm, as rooms and dates may change) from noon – 1:00 pm.

Office of Campus Activities (CA)

TCC 330
(213) 740-5693

Campus Activities provides educational, cultural, and social programs as well as support services to student organizations, their leaders, and the campus community.

Center for Black Cultural Student Affairs (CBCSA)

STU 415
(213) 740-8257

The Center for Black Cultural and Student Affairs (CBCSA) provides a wide range of support services, programs, and activities aimed at the development of undergraduate and graduate students.

Center for Academic Support (CAS)

STU 301
(213) 740-0776

The Center for Academic Support is the central resource and referral agency for learning enrichment at USC.

Center for Excellence in Teaching (CET)
(213) 740-9040

The Center is a uniquely fellow-driven institution that is dedicated to the inspiration and advancement of outstanding and innovative teachers in a learner-centered environment.

Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention Services

STU 202
(213) 740-4900

The Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention Services serve as a haven for students, staff, and faculty. The center fosters an environment that enriches the USC experience across lines of gender, race, ethnicity, class, and sexual orientation by providing educational programs that help prevent sexual violence and create healthy relationships.

Center for Work and Family Life: The Relaxation Page

Since stress can arise in so many areas of life—work, relationships, parenting, etc.—the Center for Work and Family Life has created The Relaxation Page, a virtual de-stressing center offering advanced tools to cope with life’s pressures. Follow the link above for relaxation audio files (downloadable to MP3 players), scripts, and links to similar sites with free downloads.

Counseling Services

(213) 740-7711
Fall and Spring: 8:30 am – 5:00 pm (Mon – Fri)

Dentistry School
(213) 740-2800

Department of Public Safety (DPS)
(213) 740-4321

DPS is committed to providing the best quality service to our community.We strive for excellence and to build partnerships to create a safe and secure community.



Public Safety – Non-Emergency 323-442-1200

USC Campus Cruiser (Escort Service) 323-442-2100




* Always walk on busy streets – Avoid walking alone. Use Campus Cruiser (213)740-4911.

* Avoid using cell phones or MP3 players while walking – Suspects target phones and other items in plain view.

* Do not carry expensive purses or bags. Conceal them inside of a larger bag.

* In the event of a robbery, stay calm and comply with the suspect’s demands.

* After the robbery, call DPS right away. The first 2 minutes after a crime occurs are critical to law enforcement.

* If you observe a crime in progress, STAY CALM AND CALL DPS (213)740-4321.

* BE A GOOD WITNESS. Describe exactly what you observed with as many details as possible. Give complete descriptions such as sex, race, age, height, weight, hair color, clothing, tattoos, scars. Try to get the license plate if a vehicle is involved.

* Report Crime ANONYMOUSLY via Silent Witness

Disability Services and Programs (DSP)

STU 301
(213) 740-0776

Disability Services and Programs (DSP) provides support services to enable students with disabilities to develop their academic potential, while having the dignity of working toward an independent lifestyle.

Diversity Matters

At USC, Diversity is more than a buzzword. Our enduring commitment to diversity of thought, experience, and people makes us stronger. We will fight on for inclusion, equity, access, and opportunity.

Eating Disorder Treatment

The Eating Disorder Treatment Team is a group of caring professionals that assists students who have eating disorders. The team is comprised of two psychologists, two physicians, a psychiatrist and a registered dietitian.

Contact: 213-730-7711

El Centro Chicano

United University Church 300
(213) 740-1480

El Centro provides culturally sensitive programs that foster and promote the academic and personal success of Latino/a students. In addition, it strives to educate the campus about Latino/a issues and the ethnic diversity represented within the community (i.e. Central & South America, Caribbean, Mexico).

Eric Cohen Health Center

At HSC, “It is the goal of the Eric Cohen Health Center to provide complete medical care to its students. Included in this care are services for acute and chronic illnesses, psychological counseling and obstetric gynecological care.”

323 442-5980 (clinic administration)
323 442-5882 (clinic appointment line)

Office for Fraternity and Sorority Leadership Development

STU 200
(213) 740-2080

Greek Life at USC strives to create opportunities for student involvement in order to enhance personal and leadership development through (a) participation in self-governance through Greek chapters, honor societies, and/or one of six Greek governance councils, or (b) student employment experiences.

Freshman 15: Unlock Your Success at USC
(213) 740-5693

The Freshman 15 (F15) program seeks to create a welcoming, supportive environment for first year students; freshmen and transfer.

Group Counseling

Counseling groups usually consist of 6-10 students and 2 trained counselors. There are various kinds of groups offered such as: process-oriented groups, support groups and structured groups.

Contact: 213-740-7711

Health Center Consultation

The UPC Health Center offers consultations for a variety of issues such as: alcohol and other drug use, eating disorders, nutrition, sexual health, smoking, and stress management. A flowchart about accessing counseling services is available.

Contact: 213-740-7711

Health Promotion and Prevention Services (HPPS)

SHC 206
(213) 740-4777

Health Promotion and Prevention Services provides education, support, and resources in order to advance the health of students on the University Park campus. In addition, HPPS maintains a Resource Room where students can drop by to ask questions, look up health information, talk with a Peer Health Educator, and more.

HIV Testing Locations

The University Park Health Center is a resource that provides sensitive medical care for all health concerns or for general health maintenance. The Men’s and Women’s Clinic provide services for maintenance of sexual health and STI screening including HIV. Testing for HIV is available through an appointment with a clinician at the Health Center.

Health Promotion and Prevention Services is a USC resource that provides confidential HIV rapid testing with immediate results.

Within Los Angeles there are many LGBT-friendly HIV testing locations that are free and anonymous:

Planned Parenthood (near campus at 400 West 30th St.) – provides free HIV and STDS testing for students, call 213.284.3200

Resource List of Los Angeles Locations – a few local locations and contact information for clinics around campus

Office of International Services (OIS)

STU 303
(213) 740-2666

Through a broad range of services, the Office of International Services assists the more than 5,000 non-immigrant students, scholars, faculty and staff associated with the University of Southern California in achieving their educational, professional and personal objectives.

Legal Counseling (FREE)
(213) 740-5620 to set up an appointment.
Fill out form before appointment

4:00 pm – 9:00 pm (Mondays)

Each appointment is 30 minutes

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Resource Center (LGBT)

STU 202B
(213) 740-7619

The LGBT Resource Center works in collaboration with different campus departments, organizations, and community members to create an inclusive, welcoming, and safe environment for all students, faculty, and staff.

Lifestyle Redesign® for the College Student

STU 301 (UPC), CSC-133 (HSC)

Lifestyle Redesign® for the College Student is a program that provides students with individual or group sessions with an Occupational Therapist to work on time management, stress management, procrastination, focus, nutrition/exercise, and overall lifestyle balance to help successfully manage the demands of college life.

Lifestyle Redesign Life Coaching

Life Coaching is a process that inspires clients to maximize their personal and professional potential (International Coach Federation, 2007). If you feel “stuck” and want to develop resources for meeting personal and professional goals and lead a more satisfying life, then Lifestyle Redesign® Life Coaching is for you. Life Coaching is a comprehensive and highly effective life and health improvement process. Studies show that people who call on the support of life coaches are able to experience an increased quality of life, goal attainment, improved mental health, well-being, and hope (Grand, 2003; Green et al., 2006).
Coaching is about helping you move yourself from where you are to where you want to be in life.

Fees may apply. May be covered under USC Network insurance.

Contact: 323 442-3340 for free 15 min phone consultation.

Lifestyle Redesign® for the Student Veterans

Lifestyle Redesign for Student Veterans is focused on empowering veterans who have returned to college to succesfully transition to college life. Connect with other veterans at USC, by joining our facebook group (search “USC Veterans”).

We work with student veterans to:

  • Successfully transition to college life
  • Learn techniques to handle stress
  • Nutrition/Physical fitness
  • Goal setting
  • Optimize study/work environments
  • Increase organizational skills
  • Improve time management
  • Increase focus
  • Create a balanced lifestyle
  • Provide individualized support and coaching throughout the year to help manage the demands of college

Los Angeles Caregiver Resource Center

LACRC offers resources, information, support groups, family consultations, respite, workshops and legal and financial consultations to people providing care at home for an adult with an acquired brain injury, such as Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, Parkinson’s and TBI. Services help with treating a range of issues related to the diagnosis and treatment of individual and family problems related to care-giving.

Lyon Center

Membership to the Lyon Center and HSC Fitness Center for faculty, staff, students (graduate & undergraduate), alumni, and guests include access to facilities, fitness equipment, pools, equipment checkout, as well as additional programs and services for a fee. Appropriate identification is required for student, staff, faculty, and alumni fees. All students must complete the online Rec Sports waiver prior to entering either facility.

Massage Therapy

Available through USC Recreational Sports, massage therapy offers a new service that promotes mental and physical health. $1/minute

Contact: 213-740-5127

Norman Topping Student Aid Fund

TCC 425
(213) 740-7575

The Norman Topping Student Aid Fund is the only student initiated, student funded, primarily student administered scholarship in the nation. Its purpose is to assist students with high financial need who demonstrate an extraordinary level of community awareness in their pursuit of higher education at the University of Southern California.

Outreach, Consultations & Mentoring

Outreach offers educational programming for student organizations, residence halls, fraternities and sororities, and academic departments on a number of topics, such as: adjusting to college, conflict resolution, crisis intervention, diversity, eating disorders and body image, grief and loss, stress management, and many more….

Individual consultations offered for faculty, staff, RAs, or GHAs regarding difficult mental health situations with students.

Mentoring is supervised by some staff members.

Contact: 213-740-7711

USC Pain Management

The USC Pain Management program analyzes daily activities to discover occupationally debilitating habits; restructures lifestyle to include healthy behaviors; helps people become engaged through participation in meaningful activities; and reduces pain levels through diaphragmatic breathing, stress reduction, and relaxation techniques.

Fees apply. May be covered under USC Network insurance. Students can use USC Student Health Insurance ($15.00 co-pay).
Contact: 323 442-3340

Peer Health Educator (PHE) Program, Resource Room

Students are trained as Peer Health Educator (PHE) volunteers to run the Resource Room at HPPS and act as counselors/testers for the anonymous HIV Testing and Counseling Program. “The Resource is a space to ask questions, study, read, pick up safer sex supplies, look up health information, check out books, talk to Peer Health Educators (PHE’s), or just sit and relax.”

Contact: 213 740-4777

Peer Mediators: Student Judicial Affairs and Community Standards

FIG 107
(213) 821-7373

The Peer Mediation Program (PMP) at the University of Southern California (USC) was created to empower university constituents with the process and ability to peacefully and constructively address differences with the goal of facilitating the fulfillment of personal, institutional, and community goals.

Pharmacy Mental Health Screening

Screenings are available at USC Pharmacy to help detect depression and suicidal symptoms. Pharmacists are available to answer pharmacological and non-pharmacological options to optimize care.

UPC 213 740-2738
HSC 323 442-8411

Project Lifestyle

Project Lifestyle is a student-run club centered around designing and living a fun, meaningful & healthy lifestyle. The club will put on events that embody healthy living. Some ideas include:

  • hiking
  • green picnics
  • trips to the farmer’s market
  • yoga in the park
  • going green 101 workshops

View our facebook page for more information on upcoming events:
Project Lifestyle: Trojans for Healthy Living


Two psychiatrists collaborate with counselors to provide mental health services. Psychiatrists evaluate patients to recommend healthy lifestyle changes, supplements or medicine prescriptions.

Contact : 213-740-7711

USC Psychology Services Center (PSC)

The PSC serves as a training clinic for doctoral students in the clinical science program of the Department of Psychology at USC, which means that services typically are provided through a team approach in which students work closely with a supervisor who is a Ph.D. psychologist—either a faculty member in our program or a clinical associate. Ph.D. psychologists who hold positions in our teaching, clinical, or research faculty and clinical associates also provide services at the PSC. The PSC provides a wide-range of assessment and therapeutic services, and is committed to providing services to traditionally underserved and special populations including ethnic and cultural minorities, gay and lesbian people, older adults, individuals with physical illness, and children and families with a history of violence.

Contact: 213-740-1600

Recreational Sports Department

LRC 101
(213) 740-5127

Through club sports, intramural sports, martial arts, and fitness classes, Recreational Sports has various ways to maintain your health and fitness throughout the year.

Office for Religious Life

University Religious Center 102
(213) 740-6110

The Office of Religious Life sponsors campus programs with a moral, religious, or spiritual focus, and it cosponsors events with other university units and partnerships of student religious groups. Here students can find a religious home base, form a new group, handle an ethical dilemma, or research a paper topic.

Office for Residential Education

STU 200
(213) 740-2080

Residential Education provides a student-centered, academically supportive residential environment by encouraging students’ intellectual, moral, and personal growth and cultivating responsible citizenship within the residential community. Resident Advisors are a part of this office.

Spouse and Adult Children Caregiver Support Group
(213) 740-3493

The Spouse and Adult Children Caregiver Support Group is “for spouses, adult-children, or other caregivers who are caring for older adults with Alzheimer’s Disease or similar conditions.”

Student Discounts
Find great student discounts for things ranging from athletics, dramatic arts, attractions, and entertainment!

Student Support and Advocacy

STU 201
(213) 740-2421

Student Support and Advocacy assists students and families in resolving complex issues which adversely affect a student’s collegiate experience. Whether personal, academic, or financial, we evaluate and present options to students

The Daily Trojan
The Daily Trojan, or “DT,” is the student newspaper of the University of Southern California. The newspaper is a forum for student expression and is written, edited, and managed by university students.

Undocumented Student Resource Guide

This guide is meant to serve as a starting point and by no means contains everything out there. We hope that it is useful to continuing students, as well as prospective students. It is as comprehensive as we were able to make it, but you can email with more resources you would like added to the guide or concerns about the current guide. Since immigration law is constantly in flux, we will need to continue revisions indefinitely.