Committees will be formed within the Administration, Advocacy, and Programming teams in the first two months of the academic year. Please contact the corresponding Vice Presidents for the latest information about the committees within their teams!

Skye Parral
Vice President, Administration

Emmett Harsin Drager
Vice President, Advocacy

Kris Coombs
Vice President, Programming

Want to get involved with Graduate Student Government? Then check out some of our current opportunities and contact the director overseeing our various events, committees, and task forces to find out how you can make a difference at USC!

Advocacy Team

  • Graduate Research Symposium Review Committee (led by Maegan Fairchild, Director of Academic Affairs,
  • Childcare Subsidy Grant and Emergency Fund Selection Committee (led by Cort Brinkerhoff, Director of Campus Affairs,
  • Legislative Action Task Force (led by Gilbert Felix, Director of External Affairs,
  • Immigration Law and Advocacy Task Force (led by Andrew Brendon Ojeda, Director of Globalization and Inclusion,
  • International Student Advocacy Task Force (led by Andrew Brendon Ojeda, Director of Globalization and Inclusion,
  • Health Sciences (HSC) Diversity and Equity Task Force (led by Nivedita Kar, HSC Director of Diversity and Equity,
  • Task Force to Address the needs of Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Students (led by Emmett Harsin Drager, Director of Diversity – Advocacy,
  • HSC Concerns Committee (led by Christian Cerrada, Director of HSC,

Programming Team

  • HSC Social Programming (led by Kim Wunder, HSC Director of Social Programming,
  • HSC Community Service (led by Kaitlin O’Hara, HSC Director of Community Service,
  • UPC Social Programming (led by Tala Efektari & Elle Ortega, Directors of Social Programming,
  • UPC Community Service (led by Bryce Tappan, Director of Community Service,

Administration Team

  • Senate Restructuring and Student Empowerment (led by Joycelyn Yip, Vice President of Administration,
  • Finance Committee (led by Alex Aloia, Director of Finance–Education & Approvals,