See where many USC students will hang out — and find a place to belong — this fall

June 1, 2021USC News

Sometimes you need a space to relax and call your own. That's part of the thinking behind the remodeled USC cultural centers and new student lounges [...]

Once painfully shy, this alum is now USC’s director of belonging

January 26, 2021USC News

REDIRECT It's unlikely that anyone meeting Cat Moore before her mid-20s would ever have imagined her holding the position she now has at USC: director [...]

In the History of USC-UCLA Pranks, This One Delivered and Made News

December 11, 2020USC News

Nothing unusual stood out about the newspaper delivery driver, aside from looking unfamiliar. Dressed in a workman's tan shirt and slacks, he pulled up to the [...]

Trojan’s Incredible Feat: She Swims 35 Miles Across Open Ocean in Hawaii

June 24, 2020USC News

When Becca Mann staggered onto the Maui beach after nearly 21 hours of swimming, her arms felt like fire, her eyes had nearly swollen shut and [...]

USC Student Helps Children with Cancer Build Healing Bonds with Horses

March 25, 2020USC News

If you were one of the millions who watched the Rose Parade in January, you might have caught sight of a unique equestrian procession from the [...]

A Quiet Campus Awaits

March 25, 2020USC News

Close your eyes and you can hear the sounds of USC. Students chatter about their big chemistry test as you cross from Doheny Memorial Library toward [...]

Relieve some stress with these photos of puppies at USC

March 11, 2020USC News

There's plenty in today's headlines to give you stress -- a worldwide pandemic, fears of a recession, a heated presidential campaign. You need a break, and [...]

How to Get the Most Out of College Life, According to Winston Crisp

December 2, 2019USC News

When Winston Crisp thinks about the people he serves -- USC's 20,000 undergraduates and nearly 30,000 graduate and professional students -- he sees far more than [...]

Three Dedicated Trojans Who Will Inspire You

October 8, 2019USC News

Doctors told Gloria Estrada she probably had six months to live. As if that weren't enough, the chemotherapy coursing through her veins to stave off her [...]

USC Welcome Week in pictures — good times with good friends

August 26, 2019USC News

Autumn 2019 classes started on the University Park Campus on Aug. 26, but not before students spent a few days diving back into college life. Take [...]