Current Updates

August 19, 2018

  • Updated Application Requirements
    • Advertisements
      • Include all relevant event details
      • Include the GSG logo
    • Amazon Requests
      • Add all items to cart
      • Enter desired delivery location – we ship it straight to you!
      • Upload screenshot from checkout as your quote.
      • For e-gift cards, only enter recipient’s information. You can only request e-gift cards if you know this information in advance. Otherwise request a physical card.
    • Partial Payments
      • If your request for GSG funds is for a partial payment to a vendor, the quote must be for the GSG portion ONLY – we will not accept quotes or final invoices/receipts over the approved amount.
    • Smart and Final
      • The first two weeks are expected to fluctuate for appointment availability.
      • It is YOUR responsibility to contact to schedule.
      • Your appointment time is your CHECK OUT time.
    • Event Photos
      • You are REQUIRED to submit at least one photo of your event to shows its success and potential for future funding.
  • Vendors
    • Internal vendors are the easiest to use for events. Check out USC Hospitality to get an idea of which internal vendors are available.
    • External “approved” vendors are overseen by the USC Business Office, NOT GSG. We provided a meager list of “frequently used” vendors in our Finance Resources, but we cannot provide a complete list as it is always changing.
    • Call your vendor to confirm they accept POs from USC!
  • Payment Generation
    • When all payments for a Funding Application (FA) have been generated, the FA History will show “payments generated” and the app status will change to “in progress.”
    • All payment info is uploaded directly to the corresponding expense. Click to view the expense to utilize IR, PO, and IBR numbers. You can also download and print your IR to use.
    • Amazon order numbers and expected delivery dates are entered into the FA notes section.
  • Upcoming Events
    • Check out the upcoming events funded by GSG! All graduate students are welcome at these events.
    • Contact if you have any difficulty accessing these events.

August 1, 2018

  • The Fall Application Period is open! The online portal has been released.
  • Recipient, Transportation, and Umbrella Fund Approval Memos have been added to the Finance Resources.
  • Umbrella resources have been uploaded to the Finance Resources. Templates for budgets, Umbrella Fund policies and applications are available.
  • Finance Orientation has been updated.


Past Updates

July 25, 2018

  • Policy Updates:
    • Language corrected for “Blue Probationary List” under Other Terms
    • Language added to clause #9 under General Policies regarding “Open” events
    • Included clauses #3 and #4 under Appropriate Use of Funds regarding Academic Programming and Alternative Breaks

July 20, 2018

  • The 2018-2019 Finance Orientation has been added.
  • The Spring 2018 Report and FY18 Annual Report for RSO Event Funding have been posted to the Finance Resources page.
  • The Umbrella Fund Disbursement Program (UFDP, formerly OFDP) has been opened. The updated agreement has been added to the Finance Resources page. If an Umbrella is re-enrolling, the previous year’s Final Report is due before re-enrollment.
  • The Student Affairs VP Approval Form and Intent to Use Form have been updated and added to the Finance Resources page.

July 13, 2018

  • Policy Updates:
    • Minor grammatical corrections
    • Included clause #1 under General Policies
    • Included clause #23 under the Processing Phase
    • Hyperlinks and resources will be incorporated shortly.

July 9, 2018 (edited 7.10.18)

  • 2018-2019 GSG Finance Policies have been released! Check out the Finance Policies page. Some updates include:
    • The Budget Application and Expense Request forms have been combined. This will reduce deadlines to 4 weeks!
    • We have divided the year into two application periods to prevent overusing funds during a single semester. The Fall Application Period runs August-October and the Spring Application Period runs October-April.
    • Applicants will still be expected to follow the 2018-2019 Calendar of Submission Deadlines.
    • Umbrella Organizations will be expected to provide an annual budget, published policies for RSOs to request their respective Umbrella Funds, and a general organization email. Ideally these will be ready (or drafted) by the second week of the fall semester.
    • GSG will now fund promotional items like t-shirts and printing costs. Gifts cards may also be requested.
    • Honoraria (payments for speaker fees) have been discontinued due to logistical issues. Only physical gifts or gift cards are allowable requests.
    • Amazon is now an approved vendor!
  • Additional updates may be made to policy language as we continue to work with Campus Activities.
  • Sign up for our new GSG Finance Newsletter to receive notifications for reliable updates on funding!
    • Major policy changes and additions will be summarized for the first issue.
    • The Newsletter will also provide information on Travel Grants Program, Emergency Fund Program, and Childcare Subsidy Grants Program.
  •  The 2018-2019 Finance Orientation and Assessment will be available soon. Watch for updates in the next week. 
  • The Umbrella Fund Disbursement Program (UFDP, formerly OFDP) will be available within the next week.
  • Web Updates
    • A new temporary online application portal will launch August 1st
    • The current Finance pages will be under construction for cosmetic updates
    • New pages and resources will become available over time

Archived Updates

2017-2018 Archived Updates


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