Current Updates

July 13, 2018

  • Policy Updates:
    • Minor grammatical corrections
    • Included clause #1 under General Policies
    • Included clause #23 under the Processing Phase
    • Hyperlinks and resources will be incorporated shortly.

July 9, 2018 (edited 7.10.18)

  • 2018-2019 GSG Finance Policies have been released! Check out the Finance Policies page. Some updates include:
    • The Budget Application and Expense Request forms have been combined. This will reduce deadlines to 4 weeks!
    • We have divided the year into two application periods to prevent overusing funds during a single semester. The Fall Application Period runs August-October and the Spring Application Period runs October-April.
    • Applicants will still be expected to follow the 2018-2019 Calendar of Submission Deadlines.
    • Umbrella Organizations will be expected to provide an annual budget, published policies for RSOs to request their respective Umbrella Funds, and a general organization email. Ideally these will be ready (or drafted) by the second week of the fall semester.
    • GSG will now fund promotional items like t-shirts and printing costs. Gifts cards may also be requested.
    • Honoraria (payments for speaker fees) have been discontinued due to logistical issues. Only physical gifts or gift cards are allowable requests.
    • Amazon is now an approved vendor!
  • Additional updates may be made to policy language as we continue to work with Campus Activities.
  • Sign up for our new GSG Finance Newsletter to receive notifications for reliable updates on funding!
    • Major policy changes and additions will be summarized for the first issue.
    • The Newsletter will also provide information on Travel Grants Program, Emergency Fund Program, and Childcare Subsidy Grants Program.
  •  The 2018-2019 Finance Orientation and Assessment will be available soon. Watch for updates in the next week. 
  • The Umbrella Fund Disbursement Program (UFDP, formerly OFDP) will be available within the next week.
  • Web Updates
    • A new temporary online application portal will launch August 1st
    • The current Finance pages will be under construction for cosmetic updates
    • New pages and resources will become available over time


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