(Updated July 2018)


A General Note on Policy

Where these policies conflict, USC policies will take precedence. Any changes to GSG Finance Policies must be approved by the GSG Executive Board and supported by Campus Activities.

Any changes will be communicated directly to GSG Senators, posted on the GSG website, and emailed using the GSG Finance Newsletter. Organizations are responsible for following GSG communication streams for any updates or changes, and for holding Senators responsible for conveying vital information.

Keep in mind that not all events are guaranteed
funding even if they have been funded in the past.

Policies change over time; only applications for events that adhere to the current GSG Finance Policies will be considered.

Download the full version of our 2018-2019 policies:
2018-2019 GSG Finance Policies

We are currently working with Campus Activities to further update policy language to be more in line with the University. Subsequent updates are expected.

(Update 7.25.18)
Language corrected for “Blue Probationary List” under Other Terms
Language added to clause #9 under General Policies regarding “Open” events
Included clauses #3 and #4 under Appropriate Use of Funds regarding Academic Programming and Alternative Breaks

(Update 7.13.18)
Minor grammatical corrections
Included clause #1 under General Policies
Included clause #23 under the Processing Phase
Hyperlinks and resources will be incorporated shortly.

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