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TAP Program

Please read ALL of the information below before purchasing. Limited number of passes available. Do not contact USC Transportation regarding this program, instead contact the Graduate Student Government through the "Contact Us" button near the top of this web page. Thanks!

In response to the overwhelming success of last year’s TAP program, USC’s Graduate Student Government (GSG), in partnership with USC Transportation and Los Angeles County Metro, is proud to continue the discounted Metro TAP card program for all full-time fee-paying graduate and professional degree students.

The TAP program is available to all graduate students who have enrolled for the fall semester and paid the USC Student Programming Fee. Enrollment is quick and easy. With the opening of the Exposition Line to USC, this program offers students the opportunity to travel to campus and explore Los Angeles in a cheap and
environmentally friendly fashion.

These specially designed USC TAP cards will be available for pick up at the GSG office in Tutor Campus Center, Room 224. This card is usable for several semesters, and may be refilled with a regular Metro pass after graduation.

The discounted pass can be used on Metro Bus and Rail, Metro Rapid, and Metro Liner, not Metrolink.

Frequently Asked Questions about TAP Program.

How much is a Student TAP Card?

Cards cost $85. New users must also purchase the USC inspired card for $5.

Where and when can I pick up my USC TAP card?

You must FIRST pay for the card online through the "public transit" tab and click on Grad Student Metro TAP Pass on the left hand side: You will then receive an email when your card is ready for pick up in the GSG Office (Tutor Campus Center Room 224). If you are renewing you pass, PLEASE bring your TAP card from last year to refill. Once you receive an email, you can pick up your card in the GSG Office, Monday- Thursday, 10 am- 4pm.

What if I already have a card and would like to renew my pass?

Please visit the transportation website and click on Grad Student Metro TAP Pass. You will then receive a payment confirmation email explaining when you can reload your card. PLEASE bring your TAP card from last year to refill. Once you receive an email, you can pick up your card in the GSG Office, Monday- Thursday, 10 am- 4pm.

When can I pick up my TAP card or reload my card?

After you receive a confirmation of payment email, please come to the GSG office (Tutor Campus Center 224), Monday-Thursday, 10 am- 4 pm.

Where can I use the USC TAP card?

The TAP card program for the graduate students at USC is only for use on Metro buses and trains. This includes the Metro Rapid bus lines and the Red, Blue, Green, Gold and Expo rail lines as well as regular Metro buses traveling (including zones 1 and 2).

If you are riding the LADOT Commuter Express, please consult their website, to see what their pass price is. However, it is NOT covered under our program.

The pass is not valid on Metrolink, EZ Passes, or the LADOT Commuter Express.

How long does this pass last?

The fall semester pass can be used from August 27, 2012 to January 12, 2013. The spring semester pass can be used from January 13- May 16, 2014.

Is this program available to recent graduates?

No. Unfortunately, the pass is available only for current full-time, fee-paying USC graduate students.

What do you mean by full-time?

Metro offers a discounted student pass ($36/month) for full-time students, i.e., students who take at least a certain number of credits. USC’s TAP pass is available for all students who qualify as full-time according to USC’s guidelines, which includes Ph.D. students who are full time even if they do not take enough credits to qualify them as full time in Metro’s definition. A student is considered to be enrolled full time in a semester when the student has registered for eight or more units as a master's student and six or more units as a doctoral level student.

How much can I save with this program?

That depends on how often you ride and how you pay for your Metro fare. If you purchase Metro’s 30-day student pass ($36/month), you can save at least $90 over the nine week period. If you ride Metro occasionally and purchase one-way tickets individually, you will save money after 20 one-way trips. In other words, if you take Metro at least slightly more often than twice a week (i.e., one round trip per week), you will save money over the nineteen-week period.

I lost my card. What do I do?

1) Please contact the GSG office for your TAP card number. 2) Contact Metro to notify them that you lost your card.
1-866-TAP-TOGO (827-8646)

3) Come pay the replacement fee of $15 at TCC 224 during office hours, Monday- Thursday 10 am- 4 pm.

Once we receive your payment and notification from Metro, we will replace your card.

What if I cannot make it to the listed hours to pick up my card?

Contact the Director of Campus Affairs, Janna Bernstein-

Can I purchase more than one card?

No. A student can only purchase one card.

Is this program available to Virtual Academic (online) students?

Although this program is made available to all USC graduate students, this does not include VAC students because they do not pay the Student Programming Fee, which is utilized to subsidize the cost of the TAP passes.

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