Graduate Research Symposium

On behalf of GSG Academic Affairs, we are pleased to announce the official results of the 12th Annual GSG Graduate Research Symposium (held the 4th and 5th of February 2020):

Judges: Professor Martine Culty, Professor Weiming Yuan, Dr. Manmeet Raval
First Place: Jason Hsieh
Second Place: Alice Liu
Third Place: Sofia Dhanani
The award committee also recognized Shane Shahrestani for
remarkable innovative project, Sheila Pakdaman for top influential project,
and Claire Campbell for top presentation skills.

Judges: Professor Viola Lasmana, Dr Christopher Fleming
First Place: Michael Anthony Turcios
Second Place: Michelle Vasquez Ruiz
Third Place: Joseph Daniel Valencia
The award committee also recognized Darshana Sreedhar Mini for
remarkable innovative project, Cassandra Flores-Montes for top influential
project and Divana Olivas for top presentation skills.

Social Sciences
Judges: Professor Jillian Pierson, Professor Jennifer de la Fuente
First Place: Carol Iskiwitch
Second Place: Taylor Dalton
Third Place: Lourdes Johanna Avelar Portillo

Judges: Professor Sathyanaraya Raghavachary, Professor Paulo
First Place: Jonathan Wang                                                                              Second Place: Aaron John Tan Balana
Third Place: Mojgan Assadi, Deborah Chin and Divya Gupta
The award committee also recognized Padideh Nasseri for remarkable
innovative project, James Jung Yoo for top influential project and Timothy
Greer for top presentation skills.

About the Symposium:
The Annual Graduate Research Symposium showcases research produced by USC graduate students from all disciplines, across both the UPC and HSC campuses. Participating students have an opportunity to share their work with an interdisciplinary audience and to connect with colleagues from across the university. The best presentations will be selected by a panel of esteemed USC faculty, and will receive a generous monetary award.
The information about the 13th Graduate Research Symposium will be posted online early Fall 2020

Contact the Director of Academic Affairs at with any questions.

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