The Graduate Student Programming fee assessed to all graduate students participating in on-campus learning constitutes the GSG Budget. The budget is drafted each Spring Semester and is voted upon by the Senate. GSG funding runs according to the University fiscal year (FY) from June 30 to July 1. Mid fiscal year, a budget adjustment is made for any necessary reallocations between accounts.

In an effort to be more transparent, GSG provides financial reports typically four times throughout the fiscal year: 1) Fall Report; 2) Spring Budget Adjustment; 3) Spring Report; 4) Final Annual Report. Reports are now generated directly from an online application portal, Pluto, as well as by consulting account information provided by Campus Activities. The information provided in the Fall and Spring reports depicts the RSO Event Funding accounts, as well as the Internal Team and General Operations accounts. Other accounts are summarized in the Spring Budget Adjustment, if applicable, and the Final Report, as these undergo little change throughout the year.

For more information on years prior to this fiscal year, please contact the Director of Finance, Education and Access (, who will explain more about GSG’s efforts to archive and analyze its financial data.