Graduate Student Government (GSG) is the official voice of the graduate and professional student body at the University of Southern California. Elected Executive Board officers, senators (department/school representatives) and committees tackle issues specific to graduate and professional students and provide venues for interaction beyond the academic realm. Our funding comes from your programming fees. We use this money to provide advocacy, to program social, academic, and community service events and to fund recognized student organizations throughout the year.

As a GSG Senator you attend all GSG Senate Meetings, participate on a GSG Committee, and speak for all the constituents in your department/school and act as a liaison between your department/school and the GSG executive board. Your responsibilities are set by the GSG Constitution and GSG Bylaws.

Your position as Senator is very important. It is necessary for you to attend Senate Meetings to ensure that your department/school is represented in important campus decisions. Failure to fulfill your responsibilities can result in your impeachment and your department’s/school’s loss of funds. The GSG executive board is empowered by the GSG Constitution and Bylaws to suspend a department’s/school’s access to funds after the department’s/school’s Senator fails to attend two Senate Meetings during the academic year.

Please also note that while Senators are expected to fulfill all of their mandated responsibilities GSG understands and acknowledges that Senators are students first and works to help Senators find ways to balance their academic responsibilities and their GSG responsibilities. If concerns about fulfilling your responsibilities ever arise please contact the Director of Elections and Recruitment: